An Inside Look at Period 4 Physics

I wrote this piece for my sophomore journalism class blog, Sophserv, for an assignment to cover a class in action. I interviewed different members of my physics class as well as included anecdotes about our daily procedures and activities.

For many, tackling a subject that involves math, concepts, critical thinking, technology, and science is a difficult task. But despite the challenges CHS sophomores face every year, the 2016 spring semester period four physics class takes on the subject with skill and personality.

The tough nature of physics demands students to focus, as the daily lessons include problem solving as well as experiments. Physics teacher Steve Godkin explains the material through definitions, diagrams, and math to fully cover all angles of the subject. The class is very interactive, having students solve problems on the board and run experiments in lab groups, so they are engaged in the learning process themselves.

The class is certainly not all seriousness; to review for tests not only are students asked physics questions, but if they answer correctly they can attempt to catch a marshmallow in their mouth. The marshmallow is catapulted at them from across the room, and if caught, their lab group receives an extra day to do the lab report.

Due to the combination of fun and information in the class, period four member Samantha LaRochelle names physics as one of her favorite subjects.

“I love physics. It answers a lot of questions on how the world works and that’s just so interesting. Also apparently it’s useful during a zombie apocalypse.”

Even for those who physics does not come easily to, everyone still enjoys the class.

“I may not be the best at physics but we’re so lit up,” Kat Farah said.

Period four certainly is lit up, and is known to be more talkative and much louder than the other class. But as a group, period four works together, whether it is to help each other on homework problems, make quizlets to study, or lead investigations in the physics group chat.

Mr. Godkin recognizes the effort period four puts in every day whether it be through jokes and stories or through work.

“Con— they’re talkative. Intermediate— they do like to have fun. Pro— when it’s time to get down to work, we hit it.”


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