Covering an Asbury Park Town Meeting

Booze, Drugs, and Veterans

I covered an Asbury Park town meeting in May 2016 for my sophomore journalism class blog, Sophserv.

ASBURY- At the Asbury Park town council meeting last night, the issue of alcohol due to the increase of new bars in town was discussed during the public forum.

The first speaker of the public forum, a city resident, spoke out about the drinking issue in the downtown area. He said that fines for public drinking in Asbury are not high enough, since they are only $150 in Asbury compared to $350 in Belmar.

Another resident and small business owner voiced her agreement with the proposals to control and regulate alcohol laws and ordinances in town. She explained that there are not enough police out at nght to monitor behavior, causing there to be kids drinking on the beach and littering around businesses, like hers, which are near the bars on Cookman Avenue.Instead of taxing the people more for more enforcement, she suggested that the bars should pay for the disorderly conduct.

The Asbury Park Town Hall

“I’m not paying more. You don’t even care about kids— just fill them up with liquor,” she said.

Not only were there partying problems in the town in regards to alcohol, but there was also a complaint of an operating drug house on Sunset Avenue, which there has been a failure by the town to shut down, despite the complaints.

The public forum concluded with a poem and speech read by World War II veteran, Lou Perizi for Memorial Day. He invited everyone to come and enjoy the festivities in the park in honor of all the American lives lost in war.

“John you’re getting your ass up here and making a speech on Memorial Day,” Perizi said in his closing remarks to Mayor John Moor.


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